trailer tracking

Trailer Tracking

Companies know they cannot afford to lose touch with trailers  whether these are on a journey or in a depot. The Cloud Telematics Trailer Tracking solution will not only provide instant visibility on where your Trailer is but also through historical data help you improve your Tractor to Trailer ratios, potentially reducing costs through reduction in assets.

The Cloud Trailer Tracking device is IP67 rated and is connected to the Trailer EBS system to provide power to the unit. The system can be set up to report in every 60 seconds if required whilst it is being utilised, if the Trailer is not tethered then we can reduce this down to reporting every twice a day by utilising the battery back up on the device

Utilising the Cloud Telematics Trailer Tracking System system can help you

  • Track your assets at all times
  • Improve your asset utilisation
  • Increase efficiency by proactively scheduling preventative trailer maintenance.
  • Receive Alerts when the Trailer stops outside a Geofence, (Load Security)
  • Trailer Recovery


Compact Trailer Tracking Device with a Choice of Battery Capacity

  • Connection to the EBS System
  • Records and transmits information every 60 seconds when in motion
  • Records and transmits information every 12 hours when parked up
  • Minimal disruption with remote updates to device
  • Waterproof enclosure IP Rated
  • Internal charging circuit
  • Covert installations

Simple and Easy to Use Web Based Application

  • Works on any computer with internet access
  • Works in conjunction with our vehicle tracking software
  • Free automatic updates
  • No license required
  • Unlimited Users

Detailed Mapping

  • Choose from a number of displays
  • Full view aerial photography
  • Detailed street level mapsReal-time alerts

Real-time alerts

Receive alerts to numerous situations and behaviour including:

  • Driver arrival and departure
  • Out of hours usage
  • Tow away
  • Unauthorised Usage

Dedicated Customer Support

  • 24 hour dedicated customer service


Maximise Profits

  • Reduce trailer maintenance cost
  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Eliminate fraud and theft

Maximise Productivity

  • Increase the number of jobs completed per day
  • Knowledge of what equipment is available in the yard
  • Identify trailer location quickly and easily
  • Reduce administration tasks

Maximise Customer Satisfaction

  • Better response time to customer requirements
  • Provide proof of work or delivery
  • Relationships with customers are strengthened as their confidence in your delivery and security of their cargo is reinforced


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