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Dashcam Solutions

Cloud Telematics recommend only ever installing a dashcam that is tamper-proof, to prevent any element of doubt or tampering in the event of an accident. Our market leading, forward facing and rear facing camera's with a Full HD 1080P lenses also have the option of additional cameras.

We can provide you with event notifications by e-mail or from within our tracking portal, or if you want to access the footage even faster, why not ask us about our latest 3G and 4G solution that enable you to download the footage within minutes of the event happening?

CT Incidents V1 b  CT Incidents V1 d

The system will offer the following functionality: 

  • Accident and Event Retention
  • Encrpted Recordings
  • Wide angle Camera Lense
  • Panic Button
  • G Sensors

Can you afford to have a vehicle impounded and off the road for up to 18 months. In the event of a fatality a vehicle can be impounded whilst evidence is compiled and goes to court.

By using an in-cab camera it has been proven on many occasions that the driver of the vehicle could not be blamed for the accident and therefore the driver was exonerated and the vehicle released.

With the Cloud Telematics In-Cab Camera you will benefit from the following:

  • Evidence for road accident claims
  • Faster Insurance claim process
  • Potential Reduction in Insurance Premiums
  • Promotes Safe Driving
  • Records driver Behaviour
  • Singles out Dangerous drivers
  • Used as a Driver Training Tool
  • Protect against Crash for Cash scams


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