Lidl to install 20 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations across its Irish branches.

lidl charging station

Supermarket chain Lidl have announced that they are to install 20 EV charging stations across its Irish stores within the next 6 months, with a further 20 to be installed by February 2019 through an investment of £133m in the technology.

It is a sign that electric vehicles are the future of transportation, with yet another big name brand adding EV charging stations to its offering. Not only does it bring electric vehicle drivers into their branches, but it also delivers a key message to the public of its ambition to help reduce climate change and lower carbon emissions through its investment in the technology. 

Lidl installing an initial 20 electric vehicle charging stations is welcome news for those campaigning for cleaner transport methods, although there is still some way to go. The Committe for Climate change have estimated that by 2030, 60% of all passenger car sales will be electric vehicles, creating a demand for 39,000 electric charging stations across the UK and Ireland.

Whilst the UK and Ireland may be some 25,000 charging stations short, recently brands such as BP and Shell adding rapid charging stations onto their forecourt plans is a positive step forward and demonstrates to the public and government that there is a desire for electric vehicles to become a more streamlined choice for people purchasing vehicles. This comes alongside news from Royal Mail that they are migrating some of their fleet to Electric Vehicles, and the AA who have just signed an agreement to partner with British hotels and B&B's to provide some 4,000 charging stations for electric vehicles.



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