Features and Benefits

  • Maximise Profits

    Maximise Profits

    Reduce vehicle maintenance costs - travel expenses - insurance costs - overtime costs - phone bills - fuel costs - Eliminate fraud

  • Maximise Productivity

    Maximise Productivity

    Increase the number of jobs completed per day

    Reduce administration tasks

    Monitor driver behaviour

  • Safety


    Reduce speeding

    Reduction in accidents

    On the road brand reputation management and protection

  • Maximise Customer Satisfaction

    Maximise Customer Satisfaction

    Better response time to customer requirements

    Provide proof of work or delivery

  • Reduce Emissions

    Reduce Emissions

    Identify over revving, engine idling and speeding

    Monitor fuel usage

  • Real-Time Alerts

    Real-Time Alerts

    Receive alerts to numerous situations and behaviour including:

    Driver arrival and departure - Out of hours usage - Harsh braking - Tow away - Speeding - Impact

  • Full Geo-Fencing Facilty

    Full Geo-Fencing Facilty

    Create geo-fences and points of interest

    Reports based on geo-fences

    Alerts based on geo-fences

  • Business and Private Mileage

    Business and Private Mileage

    Record and report on mileage used for business and pleasure

  • Dedicated Customer Support

    Dedicated Customer Support

    24 hour dedicated customer service

  • Reliable Telematics Device

    Reliable Telematics Device

    Records and transmits information every 60 seconds

    Minimal disruption with remote updates to device

    Covert installations

    Records speeding, acceleration, braking and cornering force

  • Simple and Easy to Use Cloud Based Application

    Simple and Easy to Use Cloud Based Application

    Works on any computer with internet access

    iPhone and iPad specific apps

    Free automatic updates

    No license required

    Unlimited users

  • Detailed Mapping

    Detailed Mapping

    Choose from a number of displays

    Full view aerial photography and satellite imagery

    Detailed street level maps

  • Extensive Reporting Facility

    Extensive Reporting Facility

    Cloud Telematics Extensive Vehicle Tracking Reports

    Whether you are looking to check your staff overtime claims, work out mileage reports or verify time on site for your staff, the Cloud Telematics reporting suite offers easy to use vehicle tracking reports that give you the details you need, quickly and easily.

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