Trailer Tracking

Trailer Tracking

Gain greater control of your company by knowing where your trailers are with one simple device that updates every 60 seconds when moving and every hour when parked up. Not only is this information instantly available in real time, all data is stored in a database that you can access at any time should you require any historic information. This enables you to make accurate proactive decisions, saving you time, money and resources.

Whether your requirement is to locate valuable plant and machinery, trailers or track vehicle movement and monitor driver behaviour, our tracker system will provide you with live, accurate, concise information that is quick and easy to understand.

No matter where your trailers are in the world we can provide you with 24-hour visibility. Using GPS and GPRS to determine tracking data, details are securely stored and then immediately displayed in a simple to use windows based interface, which monitors your fleet with clear concise mapping. Choose from a number of displays, these include full aerial photography to detailed street level maps, which generate reports that are easy to understand. Simply select what information you wish to report on and it will become available to view in seconds.


UK Manufactured Compact Trailer Tracking Device

  • Records and transmits information every 60 seconds when in motion
  • Records and transmits information every hour when parked up
  • Minimal disruption with remote updates to device
  • Waterproof enclosure
  • Internal charging circuit
  • 3 year battery life
  • Covert installations


Simple and Easy to Use Windows Based Application

  • Works on any computer with internet access
  • Works in conjunction with our vehicle tracking software
  • Free automatic updates
  • No license required
  • Unlimited Users

Detailed Mapping

  • Choose from a number of displays
  • Full view aerial photography
  • Detailed street level mapsReal-time alerts


Real-time alerts

Receive emails alerting your attention to numerous situations and behaviour including:

  • Entry to London congestion areas
  • Driver arrival and departure
  • Out of hours usage
  • Harsh braking
  • Tow away
  • Speeding
  • Impact


 Dedicated Customer Support

  • 24 hour dedicated customer service

Maximise Profits

  • Reduce trailer maintenance cost
  • Reduce insurance costs
  • Eliminate fraud and theft


Maximise Productivity

  • Increase the number of jobs completed per day
  • Knowledge of what equipment is available in the yard
  • Identify trailer location quickly and easily    
  • Reduce administration tasks

Maximise Customer Satisfaction

  • Better response time to customer requirements
  • Provide proof of work or delivery
  • Relationships with customers are strengthened as their confidence in your delivery and security of their cargo is reinforced