Frame Trade

Since using EVT's tracking solution we have saved £1000's. We have seen a huge reduction in transport, fuel and administration costs. Definitely the product you need in today's economic climate. 

Movements UK

Anyone investing in expensive (desirable) vehicles knows that vehicle tracking is a must. The price of the product is nothing compared to the price you would have to pay to replace your fleet should you ever be unfortunate to have any of your assets stolen! Not only do we feel safe in the knowledge that we know exactly where our cars are 24 hours a day 7 days a week, we also know that EVT will work with us in every way to provide any kind of support we need. Highly recommended.

Treasure Transport

We have worked with EVT for a number of years. Their prices are still some of the most competitive on the market and we are more than happy with the service we have received over the years.  Whenever we have required their assistance their response has been immediate no matter what time of day or day of the week it’s been.  This is a very valuable part of their service and not something you can find very easily. We have complete trust in the product and are happy to talk to anyone who would like any further information about EVT.

J.C. Balls & Sons

Having spent considerable time analysing the available tracking products on today’s market and having a number of demonstrations, we were immediately drawn to EVT. Not only did their product appear superior to those we had selected, we also found that their professional attitude, knowledge of the industry and honesty far outweighed that of their competitors. Since working with EVT we have also found that their customer service is second to none and would recommend them to anyone looking for a vehicle tracking solution.